CST for Toddlers

$1400 USD
36 hours – five days
9:00-5:00 Monday – Friday
This class is co-taught by Carol Gray and Teresa Robertson
All classes are taught in English
All classes are taught in Portland Oregon

April 9-13, 2018 – ten openings
April 8-12, 2019 – ten openings

CST for Toddlers Class Description

Toddlers are awesome! We have so many requests from parents who want to bring toddlers to the free CST clinics for pre-crawling infants. The need is so great. Toddlerhood is a time when previously unnoticed issues rise to the surface. Come ready to spend time on the floor chasing these amazing moving targets! We will meet them where they are!

Students must have completed CST for Infants with Carol Gray.

In addition, students must be licensed, certified or student health professionals (CNM, CPM, DC, DO, IBCLC, LAc, LDEM, LM, LMT, MD, ND, NP, OT, PA, PT, RN, etc.) or otherwise legally entitled to practice touch therapy. Students may also register if they have instructor approval. Ask me.

You will gain advanced skills for treating toddlers and learn how to integrate those skills with what you already know. This five-day class includes a toddler anatomy review plus lectures, demonstrations, developmental movement practice and supervised hands-on with actual wiggling toddlers. Lecture topics include sensory processing, motor skill acquisition, mobility, structural alignment, movement initiation and reflexes. Each student treats four toddlers during the class and all student treatments are case reviewed by the group. There are TWO TEACHERS for this class, myself and Teresa Robertson. We’re both present at all times to help you. 

During class we participate in experiential exercises to help us better understand toddler coordination, proprioception, emotions, safety and physicality. We spend time BEING toddlers. In order to maximize learning success class enrollment is limited to ten students.

Graduates of this class are eligible to participate in free toddler CST clinics in the Portland Metro Area.

The Reading List for This Class

By the end of this five-day class you should be able to:

  • Describe the differences between toddler and adult anatomy
  • Describe the basics of normal toddler development
  • Conduct an interview with parents to gather a history and establish treatment goals
  • Sensitively and diplomatically communicate with parents
  • Describe the differences between learned behavior and sensory issues in toddlers
  • Embody developmental patterning
  • Employ developmental movement strategies
  • Demonstrate effective strategies for obtaining treatment consent from toddlers
  • Demonstrate effective strategies for engaging toddlers during treatment
  • Demonstrate effective strategies for working with a moving target
  • Demonstrate sensitive palpation skills
  • Use assessment techniques to identify body areas that would benefit from treatment
  • Locate and release physical, energetic and emotional restrictions
  • List clinical considerations
  • Confidently provide CST treatments for healthy toddlers
  • Know when to refer an toddler to a different practitioner
  • Make a big difference in the lives of the children and families in your practice

Teresa Robertson and Carol Gray are awesome teachers!

Your Awesome Teachers:
Teresa Robertson and Carol Gray


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