Fierce Love

Carol Gray Talks About Fierce LoveA four-year-old kicked me today. It was great. When I arrived at his home to treat a tiny newborn, Big Brother (the four-year-old) was sleeping on the couch. His mom and I went into the next room with the baby for the Craniosacral treatment. During the treatment Big Brother awoke from his nap. He walked into the room where I was touching his nursing brother. We had never met. He shouted at me to go away and then he kicked me.

I understood completely. He thought I might be hurting “his baby”, but his words did not come.  He didn’t have words for that particular feeling. It’s probably the first time he ever felt it. It was so amazing for me to see the magnitude of the sibling bond and his instinct to protect – just a few days after the new baby’s arrival. In an instant, I was privileged to witness the birth of kinship. It happened so fast.

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