Questions to Ask Homebirth Midwives

Infant Craniosacral TherapyGeneral Questions
What is your philosophy about pregnancy, birth and postpartum?
How long have you been in practice?
How many births have you attended?
How many births do you attend each month?
Why did you become a midwife?
Do you have kids?
How/where did you give birth?
Describe your training/qualifications.
Are you licensed?
Is it legal for midwives to practice in your state?
Do you have references?
My mother is against me having a home birth. What should I tell her?
What do you do to ensure that you provide culturally competent care?

Practice Structure Questions
Do you have a relationship with a back-up doctor?
Who will attend my birth?
Do you work with assistants, apprentices or students?
If I contract with you should I also get a doula?
What is the difference between midwives and doulas?
What is your schedule of care?
Are you available by phone or e-mail?
Do you have a water birth tub that I can borrow or rent?
Who is your back-up midwife?

Money Questions
Do you accept insurance?
How much do your services cost?
What is included in the cost?
Are there any supplies I have to buy?

Prenatal Care Questions
How long does a prenatal visit last with you?
Do you provide lab tests and ultrasounds if the baby or I need them?
Can you help me with my diet?
Where do I have to go for prenatal visits?
Can you do a PAP test for me?
What kinds of things would cause you to transfer my care to a hospital-based practitioner during pregnancy?
What is your post dates protocol?
How many weeks is considered postdates in your practice?
Will you address my emotional concerns?

Questions About the Hospital (in case I have to go)
What is your hospital transport rate?
What is you emergency hospital transport rate?
If I have to go to the hospital will you go with me? If so, will you still be responsible for my care?
How are your clients received by hospital staff?
How are you treated by hospital staff?
Do you prefer to transport to certain hospitals? If so, why?
If I end up having to go to the hospital can you resume my care once I get back home?

Birth Care Questions
Of the births you attend, what percentage are water births?
May I give birth in the position of my choice?
What do you do if a baby isn’t breathing or if a mom bleeds too much after the birth?
Have you ever had an adverse outcome? What happened?
Is a home birth messy?
May I have the companion(s) of my choice present at the birth?
At what point in my labor do you come to my house?
May I labor in water?
May I birth in water?
How often do you cut episiotomies?
If I get a tear during the birth can you suture me?
Do you have drugs for labor pain?
Do you attend VBACS at home?
Do you attend twin births at home?
Do you attend breech births at home?
Do you ever do inductions at home?
Do you carry any pharmaceutical drugs?
Do you carry oxygen?

Postpartum Care Questions
Do you offer newborn procedures like vitamin K or antibiotic eye ointment?
Do I need to get a pediatrician for my baby? If so, when?
Will you help me with breastfeeding?
How many times will you see me after the birth?
Where do I have to go for postpartum visits?
Will you file a birth certificate?
Can you help me with family planning after the birth?
Do you provide lab tests and ultrasounds if the baby or I need them?
Can you do a PAP test for me?

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