Questions to Ask Obstetricians and Hospital-Based Midwives

Questions to Ask Obstetricians and Hospital Based Midwives by Carol Gray

General Questions
How long have you been in practice?
How many births have you attended?
Why did you choose obstetrics/midwifery as a career?
Do you have children?
How and where were they born?
What do you do to ensure that you provide culturally competent care?


Practice Structure Questions

At which hospitals do you practice?
Will you personally attend my birth?
What is your schedule of care?
Are you available by phone or e-mail?
How many midwives/doctors are in your practice?
May I make appointments to meet the other midwives/doctors in your practice?
May I come to you for prenatal visits while planning to have a home birth attended by someone else?

Money Questions
How much do your services cost?
How much is the hospital fee?
What insurance do you take?

Prenatal Care Questions
Which laboratory tests and procedures are routine in your practice?
May I decline laboratory tests?
What is your protocol for a post dates pregnancy?
How many weeks is considered postdates in your practice?
How much time do you allow for a prenatal visit?
How long do prenatal visits actually take in your practice?
How will you address my emotional concerns?
How do you determine the position of my baby?
Do you do external versions? If so, what is your success rate?

Birth Care Questions
What is your cesarean rate?
What is your episiotomy rate?
What is your epidural rate?
What is your induction rate?
What is your vacuum extraction rate?
How many of your patients have unmedicated births?
What percentage of your patients who attempt VBACS are successful?
What percentage of your patients require pitocin for labor augmentation?
Will I be allowed to have the companions of my choice present at my birth?
How do you feel about doulas?
What is your experience with doulas?
Will I have freedom to move around/walk during labor?
Will I have an IV during labor?
May I labor in water?
May I give birth in water?
Will I be allowed to eat and drink in labor?
Will I be allowed to give birth in the position of my choice?
Were you trained to use forceps?
Do you ever use forceps?
Will I have continuous electronic fetal monitoring?
Do you attend vaginal breech births?
Do you ever deliver twins vaginally?
How soon after the birth do you cut the cord?
Will I be able to keep my baby’s placenta?
Will my baby ever have to go to the nursery?
Will I get to hold my baby right away?
Will the baby get antibiotic eye ointment, Vitamin K, Hepatitis B vaccine after the birth? What if I don’t want those things?

Hospital Questions
Do those hospitals where you practice have lactation consultants on duty seven days a week?
What are the cesarean rates at the hospitals where you practice?
What are the tub/shower facilities like in the hospital where you practice?
Will my baby be separated from me after the birth?
Do you practice at a hospital that has a NICU?
Do you practice at a teaching hospital?
Will students, interns or residents be involved in my care? May I decline their participation?

Postpartum Care Questions
If all is going well, how often will you see me after the birth?
Where do I go for postpartum visits?
Will you help me with breastfeeding?

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