Prenatal Yoga With Carol Gray

MamaSpace Yoga®
Making Room For Babies®
What does yoga have to do with mamas and babies? A new kind of prenatal yoga class has arrived in Portland Oregon. MamaSpace Yoga® is all about making room for babies in mama bodies. When babies have room to move they assume more ideal positions for birth. This unique prenatal yoga style enhances and supports the bodywork developed by Carol Gray for expectant mamas. The concept of maternal mobility making space for babies receives little attention in our culture, but is vitally important to fetal development and birth outcomes.

Private Yoga Instruction
Carol will help you fine tune your home or group-setting yoga practice. Private instruction demystifies poses learned in classes. Carol shows you how to make safety-enhancing modifications and helps you find your edge. Are you thinking about trying yoga? Are you intimidated by the big groups? Do you want individualized attention? Carol tailors the asana to your body, rather than the other way around. Carol is currently offering private yoga instruction for clients (including pregnant and new mothers) either as a separate appointment or integrated into a bodywork visit. Click the link at the bottom of the page to schedule an appointment.

Carol Gray Loves Yoga


Prenatal yoga teacher training begins in 2018.
Stay tuned for teacher training information and schedules.



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