CST for Everyone

Benefits For All Ages
I love the variety I see in my general practice. CST is beneficial for all ages. I have helped people who have headaches, TMJ dysfunction, chronic middle ear infections, vertigo, depression, back pain, joint immobility, neck pain, sinus congestion, migraines, learning disabilities, the effects of trauma and negative touch.

The infants I see may have colic, sleep disorders, feeding problems, breathing or digestive difficulties, various congenital, neurological and genetic problems, plus the effects of forceps, vacuum assisted or cesarean birth. I also see babies for wellness visits.

A Typical Session
The source of pain or loss of function isn’t always obvious. The body presents things in a particular order that is unique to each person. I assess you while you are standing and while you rest fully-clothed on a massage table. I seek the sources of pain and dysfunction. I use gentle manipulative techniques to help restore normal tissue mobility. This sets the stage for your body to most efficiently use its own power to heal. Bodies exert considerable energy adapting to their dysfunctional patterns. Relief from these patterns leaves most people in a state of deep relaxation.

Somato Emotional Release
We store our life experiences in our bodies. Because the CST techniques are gentle, but powerful, the effects go deep without stimulating the body’s defenses. They can easily unlock the residue of trauma stored in the tissues. This unlocking and facilitated resolution process is called Somato Emotional Release. It is an integral part of CST.

Somato Emotional Release uses dialoging and therapeutic imagery along with other verbal, energetic and physical support techniques to initiate change. These techniques promote the discovery and gentle release of the restrictions that contribute to pain and loss of function.

Emotions rise to the surface, but emotional release is not necessarily a painful, cathartic event. It can be a friendly negotiation between you and your various parts. When we cling to our once-helpful coping mechanisms after they cease to be useful, they reemerge as sources of pain and loss of function. I am the facilitator and mediator. I support you as you find your own resolution.

After receiving this process-oriented type of bodywork, people report greater clarity, peacefulness and insight along with positive change in their physical symptoms.

The body seeks balance.
All healing is self healing.

Structure and function are intimately interrelated.
The body is whole – not a collection of parts.

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