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Craniosacral Therapy
I have been a therapeutic bodyworker for over 29 years. I am licensed in Oregon (#3150) and Washington (#MA4670). I specialize in Craniosacral Therapy for pregnant and postpartum people, infants and children. I am proud to have pioneered the integration of this gentle manual therapy into prenatal care, the birth place and postpartum care for birthing parents and babies.

The Carol Gray Center for CST Studies®
I am the founder and director of the Carol Gray Center for CST StudiesSM. I teach high-quality, small group classes that are appropriate for bodyworkers, birth attendants and other health professionals. I am approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education approved provider.

MamaSpace Yoga®
MamaSpace Yoga® is all about Making Room for Babies® in pregnant bodies. When babies have room to move they assume more ideal positions for birth. This unique prenatal yoga style enhances and supports the bodywork I’ve developed for pregnant people. The concept of maternal mobility making space for babies receives little attention in our culture, but is vitally important to fetal development and birth outcomes. In addition to prenatal yoga we offer a variety of classes and workshops (mostly growing family-focused) lead by independent teachers. We also rent our space by the hour/day or longer.   

Free Clinics
My students, my colleagues and
I offer free CST treatments for infants plus pregnant and postpartum people in Portland Oregon once a month.

I have dedicated my professional life to supporting expectant and new families by promoting gentle aware birth. I have  attended births for over 35 years – at first as a doula and from 2000 to 2012 as a midwife. I have since retired from attending births in order to focus on practicing and teaching CST and prenatal yoga. My many years as a birth worker have forever changed me and my worldview. Those experiences remain an integral part of who I am as a therapist and teacher.

Private Practice Office Location
1414 NW 53rd Dr.
Portland, OR 97210

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